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Eat Danish

is not a bakery


in pastries

nor is it a catering company delivering marinated herring and røde pølser. It’s the portfolio for Søren Thielemann (yours truly). 


I’m a Danish-born creative/art/design/branding director (labels are sooo 2018), who happens to be a foodie.


So, if you’re looking for European munchies you're at the wrong place. But if you’re looking for an experienced creative with a strategic mind, bottomless ideas, and design superpowers, I’m your guy.

I help big and small clients, ad agencies, and people with big hearts tell their stories, design their brand and do stuff that make people love them.

See examples of that.

If you have a meeting to catch, a massage appointment or just don’t have more than 60 seconds, try this appetizer...  and then call me.

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