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Storytelling  //  Design  //  Branding

Edward Beiner Eyewear - Eyes Forward

Web-design // Storytelling // Branding

What do a mint 1967 Austin Healey, Mittelfrüh hops, and a classic 41 pound Conrad-Johnson tube amp have in common with your next pair of eyeglasses? In a word, craftsmanship. Each of these expressions of Edward Beiner's passions are connected by the same artisanal commitment to a higher standard. 

I created a beautiful branding and e-commerce website around three compelling stories about passion and craftsmanship, photographed and written in a documentary style to capture Edward Beiner's personality and philosophy.

Photography by George Kamper

Text by William Berenson

The THINK project

Storytelling  //  Web-design  //  Non-profit

The THINK project 

A picture of an old shepherd herding his cattle could lead your thoughts to Knowledge or Reflection, 

but it could also illustrate Despair or Wealth.” When you see a grandiose cathedral, do you THINK of it as something Beautiful and Tranquility or does Power and Greed come to mind? 


THINK is a conceptual photographic journey through perception. It combines provocative imagery and text from around the world to reveal that multiple layers of meaning, can be found in every moment.


Together with world traveler and photographer, Joann McPike, we first created a 350 page coffee table book in an effort to inspire ad encourage tolerance. Later we took the concept online to make it available to the public at this website and later as an app and an exhibition. 


Photography by Joann McPike.

Text by Mark Trueblood

The free THINK app was built as an extension of the website and book, with movies and an interactive world map where you can upload your own photography - and perception of the world, within the 24 categories, which then was shared through social media. 


Jim Fannin, celebrity life coach

Web-design // Branding

Miami Tourism. Integrated campaign

Storytelling  //  Web-design  //  Branding

Miami Tourism

A website designed around 17 short films about Miami’s diverse neighborhoods.


People are searching for authentic vacation experiences, but often associate Miami only with Miami Beach, celebrities, and luxury hotels. This new campaign had to educate about the city's many unique neighborhoods, each with its own character, history, and culture, and done in a believable and authentic way.

We made 17 documentary-style short films, using local people from each neighborhood to guide the viewer around their favorite parts of Miami. The films are built into a microsite and featured on the official Miami Tourism home page. The site is supported by print and banner advertising.


As a way to get the local insight and cast the best people from each neighborhood, we did a local outdoor and social media campaign that helped us engage the neighborhood and find the uniqueness that only true locals know about.


Each neighborhood had their own section, with local insight and a video.


Watch one of the 17 videos below and see the entire campaign here


Winner of the Addy award and best integrated industry campaign (Adrian Award)

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