Knob Creek Bourbon

Customer product experience

The Single Barrel Experience is a program that allows individual retailers to personally claim their own barrel. Participants can go to Clermont and taste samples from different barrels before choosing their favorite. (In case you're not a bourbon expert, each barrel has a unique character based on a variety of things, the place it was stored in the rack house, being one of them.)


Together with the Proof team, I designed the experience, from videos and sales material to misc. touch-points and POS material.

We designed a logo mark to illustrate the craftsmanship and hands-on experience.


As a way to enhance the customization, we also created a graphic "stamp", inspired by the shape of the rack house, that allows the Master Distiller to log the placement of the barrel inside the rack house.

Brochures, tasting cards, and in-store POS material are some of the touch-points created to enhance the branding experience and guide the guest through the selection process.     305 491 2319

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