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Designing an installation for Japanese whiskey maker Suntory at Harrods in London.

Suntory Whiskey

designed an elegant and minimalistic “soul place” in the prestigious  British department store, Harrods. The challenge was to create a space that would reflect the harmony of Japanese nature and craftsmanship of Suntory whiskeys.

The room was designed around a large interactive video screen with Perch technology, allowing the customers to have individual visual experiences based on their movement and product selection.

Texture and materials are very important in Japanese culture and an essential part of making Suntory whiskeys. We designed the room with oak wood to reflect nature and the aging in barrels, Japanese Washi paper to create balance and harmony and acrylic shelving to make the bottles appear as if they're suspended in the air.

HoS Harrods Display A4 Tilt Camera 3.jpg
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