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Job security

While freelancing at a big Omnicom agency, I was working on a new brand identity for a national restaurant chain. The brief was simple: Make the design reflect the personal touch that is applied to the food and make it look more up-scaled.

I designed the identity around a script typography to emphasize the craftsmanship and the personal touch. And to make look truly authentic, I hand drew the letters on my Wacom tablet.

The layouts looked great and the ECD was pleased. Being a detailed oriented art director himself, he naturally asked what font I used. I replied: “Job security.” I saw the puzzled look on his face as he mumbled: “job security???”

I explained to him that all text was handwritten by my, and if the client approved this design, he would be forced to keep bringing me back to hand draw new text, hence “job security.”

There are many ways to make the agency call you back.


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