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The answer is in the research

A client came to me recently with a branding project, a high-quality Greek olive oil that they wanted to introduce to the US market. We need a strategy, a name, a logo, and a label design by the end of the week, he said. Yikes!

Most people know the Greeks love their olive oil, and I've heard about some of its health benefits, so we started there. After some research, we found out that the Greeks eat the most olive oil in the world, an average of 6.1 gallons a year, to be exact! They also happen to have one of the longest life expectancy, 81 years. After doing some more research, we concluded that olive oil is a big reason why the Greeks live longer.

There you have it, I told the client, "81" is your name – and your strategy. We can build the brand around this great product benefit and "81" is a truly unique and memorable product name.

Sometimes you're lucky enough to find the name, the strategy, and the positioning in the research.


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