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Miami's art and cultural scenes are growing, adding new elements of excitement to an already cool and vibrant destination. We embraced this new momentum with a campaign that encouraged people to join Miami's art scene and "Express Yourself".

To avoid looking like the typical destination advertising, we created abstract, surreal, and colorful visuals featuring Miami’s brightest stars in the art, music, and fashion scene. Links on through social media guided you to testimonials and stories of Miami influences on the artists' work.

Is it art or advertising?

“Decadence is a locally-grown ingredient”
Hedy Goldsmith, Celebrity Pastry Chef


“A long time ago I immersed myself in Miami, I have yet to come up for air”
Avner Zabari, Furniture Designer


“Miami’s culture inspires my couture. Fashion without a foundation is just posing”
Rene Ruiz, Designer


“Art is a language every culture should use to communicate”
Tao Rey, Artist


An interactive website allowed you to "express yourself" by painting with your cursor, designed as a brush.


Express yourself TV spot targeted families

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