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Innocent Chocolate


New chocolate with active ingredients that block carbs and fat, making it the world's first healthy chocolate. The challenge was to stand out in a crowded category and educate consumers about this new product and overcome the common perception of chocolate being everything but healthy. 

We created the brand identity around clever and unpretentious messaging that explained the product benefits. This allowed us to brand and educate in one, making the most of a small budget.

Logo, icon design and color palette.

We use light blue, a color rarely used in this category, to reflect the “light”, calorie-free promise. 

Print ads

We designed a chocolate bar and a fun "sales kit" to help local schools raise funds.

Guerilla stunt at clothing stores.



Design and concept: Soren Thielemann  •  Writers: Greg Wheeler, Soren Thielemann  •  Photography: George Kamper  •  Web developer: Brett Widman