winner of the
Addy award

Client: Greater Miami Tourism Board

industry award

best integrated campaign


People are searching for authentic vacation experiences, but often associate Miami only with Miami Beach, celebrities, and luxury hotels.


The new campaign had to educate about the city's many unique neighborhoods, each with its own character, history and culture, and done in a believable and authentic way.



We made 17 documentary-style short films, using local people from each neighborhood to guide the viewer around their favorite parts of Miami. The films are built into a micro site and featured on the official Miami Tourism home page. The site is supported by print and banner advertising.


To make sure the best people were cast to represent each neighborhood, we did a local outdoor and social media campaign prior to filming.

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Numbers don’t lie

There are many ways to measure success. Within the tourism industry, it's REVpar - the ration between room- and occupancy rates. Miami has been in the top three since 9/11 thanks to the many previous campaigns we did at Turkel Brands. This campaign gave people a fresh perspective and reason to visit Miami and kept the REVpar in the top three.

Staying at the top year after year is often harder than getting there.

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CD/AD: Soren Thielemann  •  CW: Jody Finver • Greg Wheeler  •  Producer: Judy Ketler+Accord  •  Photography: Jens Honoré
Directors: Soren Thielemann+Jens Honoré+Michael Black  •  DP: Thomas Lazslo  •  Edit & Audio: Vapor+Accord+2150  •  Agency: Turkel Brands


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CAMPAIGN + storytelling

17 VIDEOs tell the story

about the authentic miami.

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