THINK Global School.

A world class education that actually begins with the world.


Growing up in a family of teachers, it was a dream come true when we got the opportunity to brand a new international traveling high school. To reflect this different education model, we designed an identity that was contemporary, elegant, confident and fun.

graphic identity  •  website  •  app  •  advertising  •  video  •  outdoor  •  social media

The free


for iPhone and iPad

The THINK app is a photographic journey through perception. It combines provocative imagery and words from around the world to reveal that multiple layers of meanings can be found in every moment.


It has an interactive world map where you can upload your own photography within the 24 categories and share it through social media.



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Designed yearbooks.

Beyond the stamps in their passport, beyond trinkets and souvenirs, beyond colorful stories, exotic food and magnificent imagery, our students will share transformative memories and lifelong friendships that endure beyond an ephemeral world. By engaging in a journey that only a few will ever experience, they will be forever connected to one another and the world in a social/business/interdependent network unlike any other on the planet.


TGS allows parents to give their children the world both literally and figuratively. It’s a gift full of defining moments and people that will influence who they are and who they will become as adults. It’s a gift that will impress upon them in ways they cannot quantify – even if they’re good at Calculus. The world is an enormous gift, and it’s so much fun to unwrap.

Just remember to recycle the bow.

For the first time in history, a parent will actually be proud that their child attended

four different high schools in one year.


CD/AD/Design: Soren Thielemann  •  CW: Jody Finver + David Rosenberg  •  Photography: Jens Honoré

BUILDING A 360˚brand

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