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The app is preloaded with text and photography from the book, a video and has an interactive world map that allows you to upload your own photography within the 24 categories.


Your personalized "album" can then be share through social media.



Product naming and packaging design

Greeks consume on average 6.1 gallons of olive oil

per person per year, and their life expectancy is among

the longest, at 81 years.

Animated TV spots for Jackson Hospital

Branding campaign for Miami Tourism.


Instead of the typical sand and surf approach, we positioned Miami as a sophisticated luxury brand and designed the ads to look like one of Prada and Gucci. We also changed media strategy and ran the ads in magazines such as Vogue, GQ and InStyle.


The campaign was a success and helped establish the luxury image Miami has today.


Website for celebrity life coach, Jim Fannin


Print ads   •   Florida Lottery

Turkel is an advertising branding agency, specialized in travel and tourism.


The agency’s graphic identity is a 360˚ design experience

build around the tagline "We Move People"    •    305 491 2319